z-blogDuring my 11 years as a TDSB Trustee and a decade as a VP of the Ontario Public School Boards Association, I fought hard behind the scenes for policies, accountability, training, and work rules that that would improve achievement and well-being of Public School students.  I won some battles and lost others, but my role as a member of a Board put tight limits on what I could say in public.

I came to realize that something important was missing from the debates about our Public Schools – a knowledgeable, wholly independent advocate able to take strong stands on controversial issues.

ed·vocate means to fill that gap.

The site is divided into 6 broad areas: healthy child development, success in learning, use of school buildings and land, accountability, government and union relationships, and a blog of education news.

ed·vocate can be a verb or a noun: ed·vocate (the verb) is what an ed·vocate (the noun) does.  I look forward to having you join me in edvocating for our Public Schools.

Howard Goodman

It will take a while to post information in all these areas.  Thank you for your patience while the site is under construction.


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