A PostPandemic Curriculum will work with any pedagogy

Google identifies more than 5M results for “pedagogy wars”.  Fortunately, any decent pedagogical approach can implement a PostPandemic Curriculum.


There is no consensus on which pedagogies are effective for which students, and little clear data that can be used to differentiate effective pedagogies from those that are ineffective.  Despite this uncertainty, there those who are fiercely committed partisans in favour of, and opposed to, each approach.

Although I have my own personal (and largely evidence-free) opinions on the matter, I am fundamentally agnostic when it comes to deciding which are the best, and the worst, ways to help children learn.  Fortunately, any decent pedagogy can be used to effectively deliver pretty much any specific curriculum, including a PostPandemic Curriculum.

It would be easy for this project to slip into yet one more fractious debate over how to teach,  I hope that this doesn’t happen, and that focus remains on identifying those critically important core concepts that students will need to know to become engaged citizens.