Suggested core concepts: The Mind

“Know yourself”, the warning of Delphic Oracle, is at the heart of many philosophical and religious traditions  These traditions caution us that not knowing ourselves is the root of much suffering and danger.  It is only in the last century that we have been able to move past speculation and impression to begin to glimpse how our brains and bodies work to form our mind.  But even this very preliminary understanding has undermined both long-held beliefs and our subjective experiences of ourselves.  It turns out that the actual workings of our brains (and minds) are largely hidden from us, causing suffering to ourselves and others. 


Suggested Core Concepts Related to How Humans Think:

  • Cognitive Distortions / Cognitive Biases:   in progress
  • Reality vs Internal Model:    in progress
  • Linguistic Distortions:    in progress
  • Brain Development / Brain Function:   in progress
  • Brain Plasticity / Conditioned Response / Therapy:    in progress
  • Thinking vs Feeling:    in progress
  • Cultural influences on brain function:   in progress
  • Hierarchy of needs:    in progress